The NAEA Women’s Caucus exists to eradicate gender discrimination in all areas of art education, to support women art educators in their professional endeavors and to educate the general public about the contributions of women in the arts.


Call for 2016 Awards Nomination

The NAEA Women's Caucus invites nominations for the annual awards for 2016. Please think about outstanding people you know, and send nomination materials to the award chairs for these awards.
Nominators may send all nomination materials electronically (preferably in  a single pdf) to the respective listed Chairs of the award committee.

DEADLINE: The deadline for submitting 2016 awards application materials to Award Chairs is NOV 15, 2015.
Please go to the awards page for details and the criteria for each award OR you can download the PDF.

Send the complete nomination packet in digital form preferably as a single PDF to the respective Award Chair on or before NOVEMBER 15, 2015.
Mary J. Rouse Award--Lisa Kay lisakay@temple.edu
June King Mc Fee Award--Karen Keifer-Boyd kk-b@psu.edu
Maryl Fletcher De Jong Award--Cynthia Bickley-Green bickleygreenc@ecu.edu
Carrie Nordlund Award--Stephanie Wirt Stephanie.wirt@gmail.com
Kathy Connors Award--Linda Hoeptner-Poling lhoeptne@kent.edu


Call for Chapter Proposal

CALL FOR CHAPTERS FOR THE NAEA WOMEN'S CAUCUS LOBBY ACTIVISM BOOK (based on Lobby Session Themes since 2008) Editors: Karen Keifer-Boyd, Linda Hoeptner-Poling, Sheri Klein, Wanda B. Knight, and Adetty Perez de Miles. DEADLINE: SEPT 1, 2015. For more details click here.


Call for Art: Leading by Visual Voice : WC NAEA Exhibit

The NAEA Women’s Caucus is continuing its rich tradition of exhibiting artwork at the 2016 NAEA National Convention. This year, Women’s Caucus and its affiliate Caucus members are invited to submit works of art relevant to the conference theme of Leading by Visual Voice. Works of art and an artist statement are to be digitally submitted by November 1, 2015 for a juried process.

Artists of accepted works will be invited to speak about their art at the 2016 NAEA Convention. Additionally, accepted artworks will be included in an exhibition catalogue. The catalog is provided free to members of the Women’s Caucus as part of their membership; members of affiliate caucuses will be asked to pay $10 to cover the cost of printing and mailing.

To submit works of art to be juried, the artist needs to be a member of the Women’s Caucus or one of its affiliates: the LGBTI Caucus, the Caucus on Social Theory in Art Education, the Committee on Multiethnic Concerns, the Caucus on the Spiritual in Art Education, or USSEA. If you are not a member of any of these groups, please see below.

Women’s Caucus and affiliate Caucus members may apply to the 2016 NAEA Women’s Caucus Exhibition: Leading by Visual Voice by submitting the following:

1. You need to be a current member of the NAEA Women’s Caucus or an affiliate caucus (LGBTIC, CSTAE, COMC, CSAE, or USSEA). If you are not, you may join the Women’s Caucus: http://www.arteducators.org/community/membership; select “renew” or “join” and follow the steps.
2. You will need a gmail account. If you have a gmail account, please proceed to step three. To create a “gmail” email account, go to http://mail.google.com/ and select “gmail” on the top right to follow the steps to set up the account.
3. From your gmail account, send a message to Catherine Chen at uaavcecatherine@gmail.com or to Elizabeth Garber at elizabethjessiegarber@gmail.com with your name and a request to submit to the exhibition. You will receive a return email invitation to submit artwork.

4. In the invitation email, click on the link “Add photos.” Upload 1-3 jpeg images of 300 dpi resolution by dragging them from their location on your home computer to the window on Picassa titled “Drag photos here.” Alternatively, you may click on “Select photos from your computer” and add them.
Please note that your images need to be 300 dpi, with a minimum dimension of 8” height or width. Because this is a print catalog, if your images are accepted, they will need to meet these minimum specifications.
5. You must add text information. To do so, click on the photo and then click on “Add a caption” beneath the photo. Text information must include:
a. Artist name and email address
b. Artwork title
c. Date completed
d. Media and size
e. For the first image, add an artist statement discussing the content related to the theme Leading by Visual Voice. Your text needs to be limited to about 150 words (or 1024 characters).

UPLOAD DEADLINE: November 1, 2015
Questions can be directed to:
Catherine Chen at uaavcecatherine@gmail.com or Elizabeth Garber at elizabethjessiegarber@gmail.com

Download PDF Call for Art details


2015 Women’s Caucus iArt Online Exhibit

How are you using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, or Androids to create images and photographs and/or to conduct visual research? What apps are you using? With the wide number of apps available for creating digital photos, drawings, and paintings, this online exhibit is devoted to iArt and the possibilities of combining art+design+culture+social issues+autobiography+technology.

Submitted works will be posted on the Women’s Caucus blog https://naeawcvoices.wordpress.com). Images must address the theme and minimum image resolution (72 dpi) for online posting.

Entry: This is a non-juried exhibit open to any current WC member.


• Click on the link: iArtExhibit
• Upload 1-3 jpeg image(s) of 72 dpi or higher resolution.
• Add a caption beneath the photo with: artist name, artwork title, date completed, media/device used, and size.
• Include an artist statement and discuss the content related to the theme iArt. Tell us about your device use and apps. Text should be limited to 150 words (or 1024 characters).

UPLOAD DEADLINE: November 1, 2015
Direct questions to: Jennifer Motter at jennifer.motter@gmail.com


2015 NAEA WC Retreat: Lake Erie (Aug. 8-9)

INVITATION to the 2015 Women’s Caucus retreat on a Lake Erie beach around a bonfire. Yoga, swim, beach bonfire, patriarchy burning, feminist apron story telling on the shores of Lake Erie, east of Cleveland. Sleep under the stars, backyard tent, or bring an airmattress for indoors. Come for the weekend, August 8-9, or just the bonfire on Saturday night, August 8. Activities might include a visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or the Cleveland Art Museum. Croquet or crochet, draw and paint, make art from driftwood, create a sand mandala, engage in creative practice, toss horseshoes on the beach symbolic of what you want to wrap yourself around in the year ahead, or group together for writing workshops and dialogue.

To RSVP and for more information contact Karen Keifer-Boyd, kk-b@psu.edu